Sandra Good

Sandra Good, aka Blue, joined Manson and his Family in April 1968. Good became one of Manson’s most ardent followers.

Tate Murders and Stolen Credit Cards

On August 8, 1969, the day of the Tate murders, Sandra Good and Mary Brunner were arrested and jailed for using stolen credit cards in a department store. According to Charles Tex Watson, this was one of the motives for the Tate murders.

According to Watson, Manson needed money to bail Good, who was eight months pregnant at the time, and Brunner, mother of Manson’s son, out of jail. That same night, not long after Manson learned that the two girls had been arrested, Manson sent Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Linda Kasabian to 10050 Cielo Drive, the Tate residence.

Tate/LaBianca Murder Trial

Although not involved in the Manson murders, she applauded the massacres and said she respected those who committed the crimes. She carved an X on her forehead, shaved her head and showed her support for her brothers and sisters in prison by holding daily vigils at the Hall Of Justice. In 1971, Good was arrested while aiding Manson Family associate Kenneth Como in a botched escape from jail.

After Manson’s conviction, Good left for Oregon with an ex-convict, Steve Bekins. In July 1972, Good was arrested for helping Bekins go into hiding after he robbed a supermarket. Bekins was arrested and detained and the charges against Good were, eventually, dropped.


In 1972, Sandra Good and fellow Manson follower Lynette Fromme moved into an apartment in Sacramento to be closer to Manson, who was serving his jail sentence in Folsom Prison. While the two lived in Sacramento, they concerned themselves with the climate and joined Manson’s new religion called ‘The Order Of The Rainbow’.

Manson gave the two girls a new nickname, Good was dubbed ‘Blue’, which stands for clean air and water, and Fromme was designated ‘Red’. Later, Manson, Fromme and Good started a new movement called ATWA, an environmental movement to protect the earth from pollution. ATWA is an abbreviation and stands for air, trees, water, and animals.

Prison and Parole

After her friend, and fellow Manson Family member, Lynette Fromme was arrested for the assassination attempt on President Ford, Good took advantage of the chaos, and told in several interviews that there would be another series of murders, this time targeting business people, who Good held responsible for polluting the environment.

In 1975, Good was indicted for sending death threats to more than 170 corporate executives. Good was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Good was paroled in early December 1985 after having served 10 years.

A condition of her parole was that she could not return to California. Good moved to Vermont, where she lived a quiet life under the name Sandra Collins. After her parole ended, Good went to Hanford, California, near Corcoran State Prison, to be closer to Manson, although she was not allowed to visit him.