Sandra Good and Ivan pugh

Sandra Good With Her Son Ivan Pugh (center)

Ivan Pugh is the son of Sandra Good and fellow Manson Family member Robert Beausoleil.

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Which one is Ivan? Is his father Bobby Beausoleil? Any more recent photos? Is he ashamed of his parents?

Ivan is the boy in the middle. For recent photo’s just google his name, he is a chef and there are plenty of photo’s of him on the internet. Beausoleil is his father. He is in contact with both his mother and father.

Not ashamed of my biological parents. Shame is for people who have guilt. Love you life with honesty.

This was autocorrected stupidly. It should read…Live your life with honesty and you will have no shame. This truth is the reason why people who say that they read the court records and know what happened in this whole Manson debaucle, know the least. Lawyers write those things. The least honest people on the planet. Since my fathers parole a couple of days ago the people against his release cite legal transcripts. Bobby should be free.

Ivan, a little biased there aren’t you ? Did the attorneys write your fathers statements in his parole hearings or magazine interviews ? I don’t think so. You’re father MURDERED Gary Hinman in the first degree that’s FACT. No one lied about that , well, except your father for some years. I actually believe the version he tells now and guess what ? It’s murder 1. And people are allowed their opinion on if he should be free or not. And a Governor will decide. But YOU definitely don’t get to tell people what they should or can think.

I don’t think Beausoliel will get out anytime soon. Some make the case that other murderers with similar offenses have been paroled but there’s one difference, were still talking about the Hinman murder 50 years later and that’s for a reason. I don’t think the new Governor will approve his parole.

Hello RXSTR, I agree. I would be surprised if any Governor let any of the Manson “family” or associates out. It seems like it would be political suicide to do so, but that’s just my speculation.

Personally, in lieu of capital punishment, I am of the opinion anyone convicted of first degree murder should be in prison for the rest of their natural life. But my opinion and speculation isn’t the law.

Ivan above seems a little biased and defensive. And that’s understandable being it is his father. I probably came off a bit harsh but for him to say “those that read the court records know the least” simply isn’t true.

Then why even lead people to believe if you work at bettering them selves, that there is a reward (Parole) at the end of the process that man has set at goals to meet. To be considered rehabilitated. What a laugh. The Governor I think is the one that appoints the board. I don’t know why he wouldn’t go along with their recommendations. To be honest I don’t understand why he even has a say in the matter. If the board approves then that should be final.

Thank you 3 for commenting.
I believe in redemption first of all so after 50 years to be freed is not unreasonable. When I say I know more about it then the court transcripts means that an educated 50 year old man who learned to read at 3 and has always known where he came from has done literally a lifetime of research on this subject. Obviously because I am a part of it, it isn’t a mild curiosity for me. And let me clear an assumption up. I am not a fan or follower or really give a shit about Charley. Bobby also feels the same way. I have lived a positive and productive life despite what some may consider a set back. But richer or poorer or smarter or dumber one thing I have always been is truthful. That combined with years of reading and access to most of these people you write or read about give me first hand knowledge of the events surrounding most of this. Some of whom are no longer with us whose stories you will never get to hear. I got to hear them. With the internet I hear a lot of chest thumping about how much people know or what they think. But when it’s your picture in the photo you are the Guerilla in the room.
I’ll end this by saying that even with this knowledge I still care more about many other things then this and pursued those things. Just like Bobby sitting in a jail cell making music and art. It’s what you do that defines you. Not just what you did. I hope you all have a blessed night.

Hi Ivan. I agree that Bobby should be free. There are people who has committed far more heinous crimes and have received far more lenient sentences. He has done his time and not only has he done his time he has done it constructively. I hope that our governor will have the balls to do the right thing. Has nothing really to do with political suicide unless of course you’re only thinking of yourself and not again what is justice. I understand that politics are an ugly thing but again your father deserves his freedom.

I have the same autocorrect problem. So if it reads as though I am illiterate oh, I am really not LOL my phone is.

Hi Ivan…I believe your father has paid for his crime and it’s long since time for him to be freed. A young woman I knew was murdered by her boyfriend and he got 15 years in prison. In that case the sentence was too light but in your father’s case the sentence was unfairly long, in my humble opinion.

So let me get this straight you take a life therefore you should only do prison time for what 10/15 years? GTFOH! Bobby, Krienwinkel, Van Houten, Bruce, whoever else they captured deserve to rot in jail for murder. As for Manson and Atkins let us know if hell is hot enough for you. Good riddance to disgusting human beings and I look forward to the others dying in jail.

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