Sherry Cooper

Sherry Cooper, nicknamed Simi Valley Sherry, is a former member of the Manson Family. Sherry was the girlfriend of fellow Manson Clan member Danny DeCarlo.

Sherry Cooper was born in 1953 in Los Angeles, California. Sherry was known as a fun, loving, horse crazy girl. She drifted in and out of the Manson Family when the group lived on the Spahn Ranch. Sherry lived in Simi Valley, about 7 miles (ca. 11 km) from the ranch.

Spahn Ranch Raid

Law enforcement arrested Sherry with the rest of the Manson Family during the Spahn Ranch raid on August 16, 1969. After her release from jail, Sherry moved to the Barker Ranch, located in Death Valley, with the rest of the Manson Clan. Sherry fled the ranch with Barbara Hoyt after Hoyt overheard Susan Atkins confess the Tate murders to Ruth Ann Moorehouse. Sherry and Barbara walked 27 miles through Death Valley to escape Charles Manson.

When Manson found out that the two young women had fled, he went after them. He found them at a local diner in Ballarat. He tried to convince them to stay with the Family, but because other people were present, he had to let them go. Manson gave them $20 for their bus fare to L.A. It is said that Manson later sent some of his people after the girls to kill them, but they were unable to locate the girls.

Unidentified Body

In 1969, an unidentified body, Jane Doe #59, with 150 stab wounds was found on Mulholland Drive. It was rumored that this was possibly the body of Sherry Cooper. The unidentified body remained a mystery for 46 years, but in 2015 police have identified the woman as Reet Jurvetson, who moved to Los Angeles from Montreal the year she was killed.


In 1970, Sherry’s then-boyfriend, Danny DeCarlo, was called to testify in the Manson trial. After the trial, Sherry and Danny moved to Canada, where the two married. Sherry and Decarlo had a daughter named Gina [image] who died in a car accident in 1991. From a newspaper article:

Gina Decarlo was traveling as a passenger in a vehicle eastbound on I 10 when the vehicle rear ended a tractor trailer rig. The accident happened on April 29, 1991 at 7:00 am. Decarlo was taken to Desert Hospital in Palm Springs, CA. She had major head trauma. Decarlo was declared brain dead nine days later and taken off life support.

Sherry Cooper Today

Sherry and Danny eventually broke up and got divorced. In 1977, Sherry married a man seventeen years her senior, and they are still together to this day. Today, Sherry lives in a small town in Northern California.