Steve Clem Grogan

Name: Steven Dennis Grogan
Date of birth: 07/13/1951
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California
AKA: Adam Gabriel, Clem Tufts, Scramblehead

Steve Grogan is a former member of the Manson Family. Grogan dropped out of high school in ’67 and ended up at Spahn’s ranch doing odd jobs and chores.

When Manson and the Family moved in to the ranch in ’68 Grogan joined the Family. Not the smartest of the bunch, Grogan was nicknamed Scramblehead.

Grogan, viewed by other members of The Family as mentally handicapped, was known for getting into trouble. While the Manson Family stayed with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, Grogan crashed Wilson’s uninsured Ferrari.

In June of ’69 Grogan was sentenced to 90 days observation at a State Mental Hospital for exposing his penis to a group of school children. In ’71 a Judge said that:

“Grogan was too stupid and too hopped up on drugs to deicide anything on his own.”

Wrong Apartment

The night of the Labianca murders, Grogan went with Charles Manson, Susan Atkins and Linda Kasabian to an apartment in Venice Beach. Manson ordered them to kill an acquaintance of Kasabian, aspiring actor Saladin Nader, but Kasabian deliberately led the group to a wrong apartment, saving Nader’s life.

Steven Grogan Today – Grogan is the one playing the guitar

Shorty Shea Murder

On August 26, 1969, Grogan participated in the murder of Donald Shea, a Hollywood stuntman. Steve Grogan, Charles Manson and Bruce Davis were convicted of murdering Shea.

Grogan was sentenced to death but in 1971 Grogan’s sentence was reduced to life imprisonment. Grogan later assisted the authorities and drew a map to where Shea’s body was buried. After serving nearly 15 years Grogan was paroled and released from prison in 1985.

Grogan remains the only Manson family member who has been convicted of murder and released from prison.

3 replies on “Steve Clem Grogan”

Steve Grogan got off easy. He murdered Donald Shea and more than likely participated in the others. Manson told him to act like a stupid idiot. So the Judge let him off because he thought Grogan was had no brains. Karma will hopefully get him in the end.

Not sure I care whether the dude has half a brain or not. But I sure did like seeing Brad Pitt slam the blood soaked teeth out of the guy playing him in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. If I were Grogan I’d be afraid to die – because obviously he is living a nice life and didn’t pay for a dang thing he did. He is going to hell.

Totally agree with you. Plus, he was along on the night of the LaBianca murders. I always wondered why is it that he wasn’t charged with that, and Susan Atkins was. She didn’t stay behind when the LaBiancas were killed either, yet she was charged along with Manson, Watson, Krenwinkel, and Van Houten.

One thing I’ve learned after all the research I’ve done on all these people involved with Charlie Manson, including Charlie himself, is not to judge anyone. I wasn’t there. I didn’t know any of these people personally. The only people who know the truth are the people who were there at the time.

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