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Name: Daniel Thomas Decarlo
Date of birth: 06/20/1944
Place of birth: Canada
AKA: Danny, Donkey Dan
First wife: Miriam R Decarlo
Marriage Date: 29 Feb 1968
Divorce Date: 2 Apr 1975
Archive: Danny Decarlo
Whereabouts: Hawaii
Children: Son Dennis born ’68, Daughter Gina born ’72
Gina DeCarlo was the daughter of Danny and Sherry Cooper. Gina DeCarlo died in 1991 at age 19 in a car accident.
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Danny Decarlo met Manson through the motorcycle gang “The Straight Satans”. DeCarlo enjoyed the Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll at Spahn’s Ranch so he became a regular fixture.

DeCarlo’s main duty was taking care of the family’s weapons. Decarlo was arrested with the rest of the Manson Family on the August 16th Spahn Ranch raid. Later that month, after learning about Shorty Shea’s murder, Decarlo left the family and moved to L.A.

In 1970 Decarlo testified against Manson and the Family during the Tate/Labianca murder trial. After the trial Decarlo moved to Canada with Sherry Cooper.

Later Decarlo moved around. Decarlo has resided in Hawaii and California. Today Decarlo lives somewhere in Hawaii.

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Manson Family Mugshots

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From left to right:
1 Charles Manson
2 Bobby BeauSoleil
3 Danny DeCarlo
4 Steve Grogan
5 Sandra Good
6 Al Springer
7 Kenneth Bell
8 Susan Atkins
9 Bruce Hall
10 Charles Allen Beard
11 Leslie Van Houten
12 Sherry Cooper
13 Susan Scott
14 Ella Jo Bailey
15 Mary Brunner
16 Patricia Krenwinkel
17 Bryan Lukashevsky
18 Catherine Share
19 David Hannum
20 Larry Craven
21 Phil Phillips
22 Harold True
23 Charles Watson
24 Juan Flynn
25 Larry Bailey
26 Mark Bloodworth Damion
27 Susan Bartell
28 Johnny Scwartz
29 Vern Plumlee
30 Stephen Palazzo
31 Karate David Lipsett
32 Colleen Sinclair
33 Stephanie Schram
34 Nancy Pitman
35 Dianne Lake
36 Kathryn Lutesinger
37 Thomas Walleman
38 Allen Delisle
39 Catherine Gillies
40 Charlee Griffin
41 Bruce Davis
42 Lynette Fromme
43 Laura Shepard
44 Ruth Ann Moorehouse
45 Madeline Cottage
46 Maria Alonzo
47 Barbara Rosenberg
48 Linda Kasabian
49 Diane Von Ahn
50 Barbara Hoyt
51 Claudia Smith
52 William Vansicle
53 Paul Watkins
54 Jack Gordon
55 Carol Loveless
56 Ruth Gordon
57 Raymond Petrizzo
58 Robert Murray
59 Thomas Galella
60 Robert Reinhard