Michele Jones

Name: Michele Marie Jones
Date of birth: July 4, 1974
Date of death: April 19, 1993
Place of birth: McLennan, Texas
Place of death: Mount Carmel Center, Waco, Texas
Cause of death : Died in the fire

Michele was Rachel and David Jones’s sister. In early 1987, twelve-year-old Michele became one of Koresh’s spiritual wives.

Koresh said that he had a vision when he was in Israel that commanded him to have a child with Michele. It took a while, but Rachel finally agreed after she dreamed that Koresh would die if he didn’t follow that vision.

David Koresh slept with Michele when she was only 12. Michele’s children, Serenity and Bobby, were allegedly fathered by Koresh.

Michele died in the fire at the age of 18. Michele’s two children, Serenity, 4, and Bobby, 16 months, also perished in the inferno.


Perry Jones

Perry Jones (left) David Jones (center) Koresh (right)

Name: Perry Dale Jones
Date of birth: Jan 20, 1929
Date of death: February 28, 1993
Place of birth: California
Place of death: Mount Carmel Center, Waco, Texas
Cause of death : Gunshot wound to the abdomen

Perry Jones was the father of Rachel, Michele and David Jones. Perry Jones had been with the Branch Davidians since the 1940s.

Jones was Koresh’s chief errand runner, working with Waco contractors and often overseeing construction projects. He was described as being older and frail, but also very nice and polite.

The Jones family were followers of an independent Seventh-Day Adventist sect that had summer camps at the compound years before Koresh started leading the group.

Perry Jones died in the February 28 shooting at the compound. He died a slow, painful death from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Perry Jones was 66 years old when he died.

David Jones

David Jones (center) David’s father Perry Jones (left) Koresh (right)

Name: David Michael Jones
Date of birth: Oct 18, 1954
Date of death: April 19, 1993
Place of birth: McLennan, Texas
Place of death: Mount Carmel Center, Waco, Texas
Cause of death : Gunshot to the head

David Jones was the brother of Rachel and Michele Jones. David was an ardent follower, one of Koresh’s trained warriors. David was a bodyguard for Koresh. He slept with a firearm next to his bed.

David Jones worked as a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. On the morning of the raid, Jones was driving in his mail car. As he returned to the ranch, he noticed a parked vehicle and asked the person inside if he was lost. Jones somehow suspected that the driver was a journalist. Sources say the journalist did not specifically tell Jones about the raid, but the conversation raised Jones’s suspicions.

Jones, 38, was killed by a gunshot to the right side of his face. His corpse was found atop a cinder-block structure where Koresh stashed much of his ammunition. It’s unknown if that wound was self-inflicted.

Waco Member Victims List

List Of Names Of Koresh And His Followers Who Died During The Waco Massacre

David Koresh, 33, leader of the Branch Davidians.
Rachel Jones, 23, the legal wife of David Koresh.
Cyrus Koresh, 8, the son of Koresh and his legal wife Rachel.
Star Koresh, 5, the daughter of Koresh and Rachel.
Dayland Gent, 3, of Australia, the son of Nicole Gent and Koresh.
Serenity Sea Jones, 4, the daughter of Michelle Jones and Koresh.
Startle Summers, 1, the daughter of Aisha Gyarfas and Koresh.
Bobbie Lane Koresh, 2.
Lisa Martin, 13.
Sheila Martin, 15.
Abigail Martinez, 11.
Audrey Martinez, 13.
Crystal Martinez, 3.
Isaiah Martinez, 4.
Joseph Martinez, 8.
Mayanah Schneider, 2.
Hollywood Sylvia, 2.
Rachel Sylvia, 13.
Steve Schneider, 43, Koresh’s chief lieutenant.
Judy Schneider, 41, legally married to Steve Schneider but one of Koresh’s “wives.”
Sherri Lynn Jewell, 43, reportedly one of Koresh’s “wives.”
David Michael Jones, 38, brother-in-law of Koresh.
Jeffrey Little, 31.
Nicole Elizabeth Gent, 23, of Australia.
Wayne Martin, 42, a Harvard-educated lawyer who maintained a law office at Mount Carmel.
Aisha Gyarfas, 17, of Australia, who was expecting a baby believed to be Koresh’s.
Mary Jean Borst, age 50.
Pablo Cohen, 38, an Israeli citizen.
Evette Fagan, 32, of the United Kingdom.
Lisa Marie Farris, 24.
Diana Henry, 28, of the United Kingdom.
Paulina Henry, 25, of the United Kingdom.
Philip Henry, 23, of the United Kingdom.
Stephen Henry, 26, of the United Kingdom.
Vanessa Henry, 19, of the United Kingdom.
Zilla Henry, 55, of the United Kingdom.
Juliete Santoyo Martinez, 30.
Jilliane Matthews, age and place unknown.
Alison Bernadette Monbelly, 31, of the United Kingdom.
Melissa Morrison, 4, of the United Kingdom.
Rosemary Morrison, 29, of the United Kingdom.
Theresa Nobrega, 38, of the United Kingdom.
Floracita Sonobe, 34, of the Philippines.
Scott Kojiro Sonobe, 35.
Gregory Allen Summers, 28.
Lorraine Sylvia, 40, reportedly one of Koresh’s “wives.”
Doris Vaega, age unknown of New Zealand.
Margarida Joann Vaega, 46, of New Zealand. Reportedly one of Koresh’s “wives.”
Neil Vaega, 37, of New Zealand.
Stanley Sylvia, of North Dartmouth, Mass.
Michelle Jones, 18, Koresh’s sister-in-law and a “wife”.
Peter Gent, 24, was killed in the raid.
Michael Schroeder, 29, was killed on the afternoon of Feb. 28.
Perry Jones, Koresh’s father-in-law reportedly killed in the Feb. 28 shootout.