Ruth Ann Moorehouse

Name: Ruth Ann Moorehouse
Date of birth: 1952
Ruth was born in 1952 not 1951 as most claim
AKA: Ouisch, Rachel Susan Morse, Ruth Ann Smith,
Ruth Ann Heuvelhorst
First Husband: Edward Heuvelhorst Obituary
Children: 1 Daughter, 2 Sons,
Several Grandchildren and a cute little dog
Whereabouts: Minnesota
Ruth lives under her marital name from her third husband
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Recent Pictures: Censored for privacy reasons
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Ruth Ann Moorehouse, also known as Ouisch, was a member of the Manson family. She met Manson for the first time when her father, Deane Moorehouse, a former minister, picked up three hitchhikers, Charles Manson, Lynette Fromme and Mary Brunner and brought them home.

Manson immediately took a liking to young Ruth. Manson hatched a plan to get Ruth alone. The next day Manson picked up Ruth not too far from her home. They drove to Mendocino, went to the beach and had sex in Manson’s van. While Manson and Ruth were at Mendocino Ruth’s parents had reported her as a runaway. The cops found them. Manson tried to dissuade the cops not to take Ruth and Manson was subsequently booked for interfering with an arrest.

Manson desperately wanted Ruth to join the “Family” but because of Ruth’s young age Manson recognized the potential trouble he would get if he took her with him. Manson told Ruth she could come with him if she was married and was “her own woman”. In May 1968, then 16-year-old Ruth married a 23-year-old bus driver named Edward Heuvelhorst in an effort to become emancipated. One day after the marriage Ruth left Edward and joined the Family.

According to Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi’s book, Helter Skelter, Ruth’s father, Deane Moorehouse, went to Spahn Ranch to kill Manson for stealing his daughter. “He ended up on his knees worshiping him.”

Ruth Ann’s Father in 1999

During the Tate/LaBianca murder trial Ruth tried to poison prosecution witness and fellow Manson family member Barbara Hoyt. This incident came to be known as the “Honolulu hamburger caper.”

Barbara was unsure about testifying and the family offered Hoyt an all expense paid trip to Hawaii if Barbara agreed not to testify. Barbara agreed. Ruth and Barbara took the trip to Hawaii where Ruth laced Barbara’s hamburger with ten hits of LSD. Barbara survived and was determined to testify against the family. Ruth along with four other family members were charged with attempted murder. The charge was later reduced to conspiracy to dissuade a witness from testifying.

In ’71 the five family members were given a 90 day jail sentence. Ruth, almost 9 months pregnant, failed to appear at the sentencing hearing and fled to her sister in Carson City, Nevada, to avoid giving birth in jail. Four days after her arrival Ruth gave birth to a daughter. In ’75 the FBI located Ruth in Sacramento. The FBI did not arrest her but did inform Sacramento authorities who subsequently picked her up on the long-standing warrant.

On November 4, 1975 Ruth again appeared in court to be sentenced. The Judge did not give Ruth any jail time, instead he ruled that because she was abandoned by her father and “thrown willy-nilly into the Manson cult” she could go free with time served.

From The Los Angeles Times, 1975:

Ruth Ann Moorehouse, still wearing a bandage over plastic surgery she underwent to remove the forehead X that had marked her as a member of the Manson family, Tuesday made a brief and tearful court appearance in Los Angeles.

With Moorehouse at his side, unsuccessfully trying to fight back her tears, Fitzgerald (Ruth’s lawyer) told the judge that she did not appear for sentencing because she was nine months pregnant at the time.
“The ‘family’ told her she had to shave her head and that she had to have her baby in jail.” Fitzgerald explained “And she wanted none of that.”

Today Ruth lives a quiet life somewhere in Minnesota.


Ruth Ann Moorehouse with Susan Atkins’s son Zezozoze

Ruth Ann Moorehouse with baby

Ruth Ann Moorehouse with Susan Atkins’s son Zezozoze. Atkins son, who was named by Charles Manson, was born in one of the shacks on Spahn ranch. Everyone in the family participated in the delivery, right down to Manson tying the umbilical cord with a guitar string. The child was eventually removed from Atkins’s and later adopted by a physician and his wife.

Manson Family Mugshots

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From left to right:
1 Charles Manson
2 Bobby BeauSoleil
3 Danny DeCarlo
4 Steve Grogan
5 Sandra Good
6 Al Springer
7 Kenneth Bell
8 Susan Atkins
9 Bruce Hall
10 Charles Allen Beard
11 Leslie Van Houten
12 Sherry Cooper
13 Susan Scott
14 Ella Jo Bailey
15 Mary Brunner
16 Patricia Krenwinkel
17 Bryan Lukashevsky
18 Catherine Share
19 David Hannum
20 Larry Craven
21 Phil Phillips
22 Harold True
23 Charles Watson
24 Juan Flynn
25 Larry Bailey
26 Mark Bloodworth Damion
27 Susan Bartell
28 Johnny Scwartz
29 Vern Plumlee
30 Stephen Palazzo
31 Karate David Lipsett
32 Colleen Sinclair
33 Stephanie Schram
34 Nancy Pitman
35 Dianne Lake
36 Kathryn Lutesinger
37 Thomas Walleman
38 Allen Delisle
39 Catherine Gillies
40 Charlee Griffin
41 Bruce Davis
42 Lynette Fromme
43 Laura Shepard
44 Ruth Ann Moorehouse
45 Madeline Cottage
46 Maria Alonzo
47 Barbara Rosenberg
48 Linda Kasabian
49 Diane Von Ahn
50 Barbara Hoyt
51 Claudia Smith
52 William Vansicle
53 Paul Watkins
54 Jack Gordon
55 Carol Loveless
56 Ruth Gordon
57 Raymond Petrizzo
58 Robert Murray
59 Thomas Galella
60 Robert Reinhard

Email from Ruth Ann Moorehouse

Ruth Ann Moorehouse Profile Page

Email from Ruth Ann Moorehouse


I have just been to your website and read the page about me.  I
wanted to write and express my feelings on this matter.  I would also
like for you to publish this letter on your website as a sort of “my
story” type of thing.  I realize it is your website and you are free
to publish whatever you want.  I also would like to thank you for not
releasing any information that you have about me.


I have been living a quiet life for the past 30 years.  I have been
blessed well beyond what I have deserved.  I have a great husband who
I adore, a job I love, and sons who are my whole being.  But there
have been many tragedies along the way.  I am not trying to make
anyone feel sorry for me, I am merely trying to “set the stage” for
what has become of my life.

I received my first email from Bill back in July.  I admit that it
hit me out of the blue.  I had seen his website and had also seen him
interviewed on television.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I hadn’t
talked about those years of my life for a long, long time.  Indeed,
my own children don’t know my history.  I have been up front with them
about the drug use and basically told them I lived in a “commune”.
They have no idea I was with Manson.

I tried to explain to Bill my reluctance to “speak out” because it
had been so long.  I have been living quietly with this for almost
thirty years.  Old habits are hard to break.  For a moment put
yourself in my shoes.  Have you ever tried to explain to a plastic
surgeon why you have an ‘X’ on your forehead in the first place?  I
have had all these feelings bottled up tight for many years.  I have
been to professional counseling for years.  I can’t talk to my
friends about it.  Real friends will understand?  Wrong!  I know from
firsthand experience that is not the case.  I have tried “opening up”
before and have had people (special people) walk out of my life
because of it.  Welcome to my life.

I told Bill this story.  I live in a VERY small town. One cold night, I
couldn’t sleep.  I flipped on the TV and there happened to be a
Sharon Tate movie (DON’T MAKE WAVES) showing.  I cried the rest of
the night.  I think about it all the time.  Not a day goes by when I
don’t think back wishing the whole thing was some awful dream.  But
it wasn’t a dream.  I know that.  I can’t change it, although I would
if I could.

Barbara Hoyt.  I think about her and wish that there was something I
could do to ease her pain.  What I did was despicable.  I am
ashamed.  But again, I can’t take back something I did 30 years ago.
The reason I never apologized to Barbara through email to Bill is
quite simple.  I can’t fully express my feelings in words.  I feel it
is something that needs to be done face to face.  At this time
however, Bill has told me that Barbara doesn’t want some type of
overly emotional reunion to be blasted all over the talk shows.  I
feel the same way.  Like I said, I think about Barbara on a daily
basis.  What happened with her has kept me up nights for 30 years
thinking about what could have been a very tragic outcome.  I am
truly sorry.

After reading Bill’s website update about me, I felt compelled to
give my side of the story.  Bill has been getting a bad rap on the
message boards and I probably shouldn’t have “popped off” the way I
did.  As far as I know, he hasn’t spilled any information about me.
Basically, everything happened too fast for me.  Much too fast.  I
wanted to set the record straight and give insight into my decision
to do what I did.


OK Bill.  What do you think?  Can you publish that letter in full?  I
picked up the ball in my court and have passed it to you.