The Tate Murders

Path toward the guesthouse

March 23, 1969. A strange-looking man entered the Cielo Drive property. Hatami, Sharon Tate's personal photographer, went over to him and asked him what he was doing there. The stranger told him he was searching for Terry Melcher. Hatami informed him Melcher had moved out. “This is the Polanski residence". He then sent the man to the guesthouse, Rudi Altobelli's place, and told him “Maybe the people you want are back there”.

Just before the stranger turned toward the guesthouse, Sharon came to the door, and asked “Who is it, Hatami? "He told her that someone was looking for Terry Melcher. It was at this moment the stranger and Sharon faced each other, possibly making eye contact. It turned out later the man who visited Cielo Drive that day was Charles manson.