The Tate Murders

Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring at 10050 Cielo Drive

August 8, 1969 – The Tate Residence

August 8, 1969, Sharon’s last day alive. Around 11 a.m., the eight-and-a-half-month pregnant actress had a telephone conversation with her husband who was overseas. The couple argued over Polanski delaying his trip home, again. Tate was planning a birthday party for him, and she told him she would leave him if he hadn’t returned by then.

Around noon, Sharon had lunch by the pool with her colleagues, actresses Joanna Pettet and Barbara Lewis. Tate discussed her troubled marriage with Polanski, and she told her friends if he didn’t change his behavior after the baby was born, she intended to divorce him. Around 3 p.m., Frykowski and Folger joined Tate and her companions. Around 3.30 p.m., Tate went inside and took a nap.

Debra Tate, Sharon's younger sister, called at the end of the afternoon to ask if she could pick up a saddle that Sharon had purchased for her in Europe. Sharon declined and told Debra to pick up the saddle another day.

Jay Sebring, Tate's ex-boyfriend, came to check up on the pregnant Tate that evening around 6 p.m. Earlier that afternoon, Abigail Folger had purchased a new bicycle. Around 6.30 p.m., Dennis Herst, the son of the bike shopkeeper, delivered the bike to the Cielo Drive residence.

Later that evening, Tate and her friends reportedly went out for a late dinner at El Coyote. Around 10 p.m., Abigail Folger's mother called to confirm that Abigail was flying to San Francisco the next day. Her mom had planned a birthday party for her. Abigail Folger's birthday was August 11.

The day began like any other day, but things took a dramatic turn when Manson told four of his followers to go to 10050 Cielo Drive.