The Tate Murders

Spahn Ranch - The Manson Family hangout

August 8, 1969 – The Manson Family Hangout

August 8, 1969, was not a good day for Charles Manson. He skipped town for a couple of days after his involvement in the Hinman murder. On August 8, around 2 pm, Manson returned to Spahn Ranch, the Manson Family hangout. Upon his return to the ranch, he learned that Manson Family member Robert Beausoleil had been arrested for the Hinman murder.

Manson, already stressed out after he shot Bernard Crowe, a drug dealer, had turned Spahn Ranch into a fortified camp, complete with rifles, machine guns, and patrols. Manson thought he killed Crowe, but it turned out Crowe survived. There were rumors that Crowe was a Black Panther, and Manson was in fear of retaliation.

The stress was building up. First, Manson’s dream of a record deal went up in smoke, then the Crowe shooting, then the Hinman murder, and now his friend had been arrested for Hinman’s murder. But his day would get worse.

Later that afternoon, Manson, still upset about the news of Beausoleil’s arrest, gave Mary Brunner and Sandra Good, two of his favorite girls, a couple of stolen credit cards, and told them to go to a department store and get some supplies.

Good, almost eight months pregnant at the time, and Brunner, mother of Manson’s son, went to the department store, used the stolen credit cards and got caught. The two girls fled the store and after a car chase, the two were apprehended and booked in jail. Things started to unravel…