The HollyWood Connection

Charles Manson mingled with the Hollywood stars, he attended Hollywood parties and hung out with celebrities. The scruffy little guy almost made it in Hollywood.

The Beach Boy/Manson connection is pretty well-known. However, Manson befriended and mingled with several other stars, including Cass Elliot of the Mamas And Papas, and according to actor Michael Caine, Charles Manson even attended the same party Sharon Tate and Jay sebring attended at Cass Elliot’s house.

Beach Boys

In 1968, Beach Boy Dennis Wilson picked up two female hitchhikers who happened to be members of The Manson Family, Ella Jo Bailey and Patricia Krenwinkel. He took the girls to his house on Sunset Boulevard. Later that day, Wilson had an appointment at the studio and left the two girls at his home.

When he came back, he was greeted by Charles Manson in the driveway. Wilson asked Manson, are you gonna hurt me? Manson replied, “Do I look like I’m going to hurt you, brother?” Manson dropped on his knees and kissed Wilson’s feet. Wilson and Manson became friends, and Manson and his girls stayed at Wilson’s house for the summer.

One night, Wilson invited his cousin, Beach Boy singer Mike Love, over for dinner to meet the Wizard. Dinner turned into a “group sex kind of situation”, as Mike Love recalled many years later.

“It wasn’t my cup of tea, so I excused myself to take a shower.” “No sooner than I got in the shower, the door opened and Charlie Manson stood there and looked up at me and said, ‘You can’t do that”. “I said, ‘Excuse me?’” Manson replied: “You can’t leave the group!”

The Beach Boys gave Manson his first taste of fame when they recorded and released Manson’s song “Cease to Exist”, which the Beach Boys slightly reworked and named “Never Learn Not to Love”.

Neil Young

Manson also befriended Neil Young, who was on his way to attaining legend status in L.A. In his 2012 autobiography, Young recalled a visit to his house by Manson and some of the Manson girls. Manson grabbed Neil Young’s guitar and started jamming.

“His songs were off-the-cuff things he made up as he went along,” Young said, “and they were never the same twice in a row. Kind of like Dylan, but different because it was hard to glimpse a true message in them, but the songs were fascinating. He was quite good.”

Mamas and PapasPrefix

Mamas and Papas singer John Phillips was Polanski’s best friend and Michelle Phillips had an affair with Polanski at the time Polanski was with Tate. At some point Polanski suspected that John Phillips was responsible for the Tate murders because of Polanski’s affair with Michelle Phillips.

John Phillips and Wojciech Frykowski were buddies, Frykowski visited Phillips a couple of days before the murders, and, according to Phillips, he didn’t let Frykowski in because Phillips had a bad feeling, a feeling something was about to happen. Lead singer Cass Elliot also befriended Sharon Tate and regularly hung out with Tate and her friends.

Michael Caine/Cass Elliot

At the time that Manson befriended Wilson and Young, he got invited to some of the Hollywood industry parties. In his 1992 autobiography, Michael Caine recalled being introduced to a scruffy little man named Charles Manson at a party at Cass Elliot’s house. Manson murder victims Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring attended the very same party.

Angela Lansbury

In a 2014 interview, Angela Lansbury talked about how her daughter, Deirdre, “was in with a crowd led by Charles Manson.” “She was one of many youngsters who knew him, and they were fascinated,” Lansbury said. “He was an extraordinary character, charismatic in many ways, no question about it.”

Manson Family member Nancy Pitman was actually introduced to Charles Manson by Deirdre Lansbury.

Terry Melcher

In 1968, producer Terry Melcher was introduced to Charles Manson by Beach Boy Dennis Wilson. Manson met Melcher at 10050 Cielo Drive, the house where Melcher lived there with girlfriend Candice Bergen. Bergen never met Manson however, she did meet Manson Family member Tex Watson several times and, according to some reports, Bergen once kicked Watson off the Cielo Drive property.

Melcher was interested in recording Manson’s music, and there was talk of making a film about Manson and his Family. Manson auditioned for Melcher, but Melcher declined to sign him. After witnessing Manson getting in a fight at Spahn Ranch with stuntman Shorty Shea, both Melcher and Wilson ended their relationship with Manson.

Shortly after ending the relationship with Manson, Melcher and Bergen moved out of the Cielo Drive house. The next tenants were Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate.