The Yellow Submarine

In need of a place to rehearse music, Manson rented a house in Canoga Park. The building earned its nickname the “Yellow Submarine” because of its yellow paint.

Location: 21019 Gresham St, Canoga Park, California

The one-story ranch-style house sat on about an acre of ground, had four bedrooms, two baths, a big kitchen and a large front room that made a great studio for music sessions. It was only about a thirty-minute drive from Hollywood and only a few miles from Spahn’s Ranch.

Within a couple of weeks after the Family moved in, the house had become a dope pad and a place to dismantle stolen cars. It wasn’t long before the acre at the house became too small.

The Family was growing in numbers and stolen car parts started piling up and attracted the attention of the police. Eventually, the Family moved back to Spahn Ranch. The Yellow Submarine was demolished in the early 70’s.

“Of course, we still had people at Spahn, mostly girls who spelled each other looking after George. But things at Spahn were too disorganized for us to do any serious rehearsing. Finding a place that would accommodate fifteen or twenty kids wasn’t an easy task. I finally found a house on Gresham Street in Canoga Park.”