Thomas Walleman

Thomas Walleman, aka TJ the Terrible, was a member of the Manson Family. Walleman seemed attracted by the easy hippie life-style and lived at Spahn Ranch, the Manson Clan hangout, for a couple of years.

Walleman was with Manson the night Manson shot Bernard “Lotsapoppa” Crowe. Manson thought he killed Crowe, a drug dealer, but Crowe played dead and survived. The prosecution used Walleman as a witness to prove that Manson was theoretically able to kill.

Walleman reluctantly testified. During his testimony, Walleman linked Manson to one of the Tate murder weapons. The gun used during the Tate murders was the same gun Manson used to shoot Crowe. Manson did not know Crowe was still alive until he walked into the courtroom.

Walleman never broke up with the Family. Walleman married Lori Mardesich, aka Ansom 13, with whom he had four children. Walleman also had two children with his first wife, Manson Family associate Barbara Rosenberg.

Walleman died in a head-on collision with a Mack truck on highway 395 on June 7, 1995. Walleman and his pickup truck were completely burned, reportedly all that was left intact was one of his hands.

Lori “Ansom 13” Walleman died of cancer on October 4, 1998.